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Why do people buy sex dolls? Is it because of their real appearance, lack of interest in other people's emotional investment, or the influence of sex dolls? There are many answers.

Some people really fall in love with their sex dolls and view them as faithful companions. However, most people still see sex dolls as objects of sexual gratification.

In the past, love dolls were called sex dolls. A doll made by a German to satisfy his fetish. At that time, it just satisfies the sexual desire. Today's lover dolls are mostly used as adult products for sex, but they are also used as models, life-size dolls, ghost wives, daughters and other roles. First, I will start by unpacking the love dolls.

Общество потребления не критично. Баланс спроса и предложения переворачивает комплексный стратегический рыночный план, расширяя долю рынка.

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