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Our History
Nanjing Younarui Bearing Co., Ltd was established in the year 2010. YNR is our brand and trademark. After 10 years of development, nowadays YNR has become into a group corporation with branch companies in Xi鈥檃n city, Shanxi Province and Wuhu City, Anhui Province.
Our Factory
Production Line Capacity: Bearing: 40,000 Pieces / Month; 
Number of Product Categories: 20;
Number of Product Models: 3000
Our Product
Deep groove ball bearing, Cylindrical roller bearing, Taper roller bearing, Angular contact ball bearing, Self-aligning bearing, Pillow block bearing units and other special bearings 
Product Application
Applicated for oil drilling, mining, excavation and mineral processing machinery. Our bearings meet the most stringent tolerances ensuring equipment runs at maximum load for peak output.
Our Certificate
SGS certificate (Alibaba Assessed Supplier), CPST Bearing Test Report (Eurones (Dongguan) Consumer Products Testing Service Co., Ltd), YNR trademark
Production Equipment
CNC Lathe: CJK0660, Quantity: 32, Number of Year(s) Used: 3
CNC Grinding Machine: Pusen, Quantity: 35, Number of Year(s) Used: 2
Wire-Cutting Machine: Boruige, Quantity: 11, Number of Year(s) Used: 2
CNC Machining Center: VMC859L, Quantity: 12, Number of Year(s) Used: 1
Projecto: VMS-3020F, Quantity: 1, Number of Year(s) Used: 1
Hardness Tester, Quantity:3, Number of Year(s) Used: 2
Surface Configuration Tester: N/A, Quantity: 1, Number of Year(s) Used: 2
Spectrometer: BRUKER, Quantity: 1, Number of Year(s) Used: 2
Length Measuring Instrument: JD25-C, Quantity: 1, Number of Year(s) Used: 2
Production Market
Our products had been exported to the America, Europe, Southeast of Asia, Africa, the Middle East etc. with good quality and reasonable prices, have gotten good reputation among the customers.

Our Service
Provide OEM Service, 2000 square meters warehouse to keep huge stocks for fast delivery. One-stop purchasing for most types of bearings. high speed Skate Bearing

Eye wipes are made according to the characteristics of the cat's eyes, also known as cat eye wipes. The pure plant extract of Spunlaced non-woven fabric is safe and has no side effects. My feeling is that it's very good. There's no discomfort in the process of taking the cat, and it's very airtight. It can be kept moist even if it's used for a long time.
1.Cats and dogs are easy to accept
Cat's eye wipes are non-alcoholic and non irritant. They are soft and suitable for daily use
2.Cat's eye wipes prevent the formation of tears
Wet wipes contain enough water, easily wipe and clean eye dirt, away from tears
3.Human wipes are not suitable
There are many chemical components in human wipes. Pet's long-term use is harmful to health
Wipes can only be used for daily cleaning. Once you find that the cat's eyes are not pure tears and stains, you must go to the hospital in time. They can't speak. It depends on your careful care~
*There are many factors for the formation of tear marks. Please make sure the food is light;
*The product is used for dog and cat eye care;
*Professional medicine is needed to improve severe tear marks.
Do you have these concerns
1.Can I wipe my cat's mouth and eyes?
Dear Lord, yes. The main ingredient of the wipes is food grade RO water,and there is no alcohol, fluorescent agent and other stimulating ingredients, you can use it safely~
2.Can you wipe your pet's feet and butt?
Dear little Lord, yes, the non-woven material we choose is skin friendly, flexible and clean hands, sufficient water, wipe feet, wipe ears, wipe ass are competent!
3. What's the difference between pet wipes and human wipes?
Dear little master, the pH value of pets is different from that of people.China Pet Wipes suppliers

鈥?Our Factory
Wenzhou Ruikang Machinery Co., Ltd. Is one of the domestic manufacturers of plastic flexible packaging machinery and equipment. Reliable product quality and honest service are well received by users, and the market share is rising. With its keen vision and creative business philosophy, the company introduces modern advanced technology and equipment, uses scientific management methods, gives full play to the advantages of enterprise technology and talents, and continuously adjusts the business development strategy of product structure to lay a solid foundation for enterprise development. While providing customers with excellent products, we also provide customers with comprehensive technical consultation and perfect after-sales service. The company has established a solid relationship of mutual prosperity and mutual benefit with our customers. We are sincere friends of users for the sake of users.
鈥?Our Product
Bubble film envelope bag making machine, bubble film/air cushion film bag making machine, bubble film machine, laminating machine, packaging machine, bag making machine, stretch film machine, granulator
鈥?Production Equipment
Machining center, lathe. Milling machine. grinder. Drill press. Plasma cutting. Laser cuttingStretch Film Machine suppliers

Our History
Found in 2010, YoungRise shipping Co., Ltd, which is a comprehensive company intergraded designing with producing, specializing in marine products.
Our Factory
YoungRise shipping Co., Ltd is located in Fujian province, China. We are specialized in the sale, purchase and chartering of any type of used vessel. Through the years we have acquired a lot of experience and knowledge in selling used vessels. This enables us to offer our customers a complete service and full assistance, not only before, but also during and after, the acquisition of a vessels.
Our Product
What can YoungRise do for you?
1. Assist in registering your vessel.
2. Arrange complete modifications as per your specifications.
3. Arrange transport to any destination.
For any additional information, please contact us. In case a used vessel is not available, we can assist in acquiring a new vessel. We can trade in your vessel when purchasing a new one within YoungRise Shipping Co., Ltd. Vessels are either owned by YoungRise Shipping, come direct from the owner, are part of our services charter fleet, or are offered through co-brokers.
We appreciate your interest in the vessels we offer for sale. We have always asked for people sending inquiries about vessels that we offer for sale to provide full details about themselves. We must now tightening up on our requirement that potential Buyers provide full details about themselves when they contact us in order to receive a response. We apologize, however, our ability to respond is being stretched to the limits by frivolous messages from people who neither have the ability or experience to purchase a vessel.
Our Certificate
We always feel that all success of our company is directly related to the quality of the products we offer. They meet the highest quality requirements as stipulated in ISO9001, ISO14000:14001 SGS guidelines and our stringent quality control system.
Production Market
We have customers from both domestic market and oversea market. We can supply not only the vessels with top quality, but also the best service to you. We can be your reliable supplier in China surely.
Our Service
How to buy used vessels?
1. Preparation before buying a ship
When selecting the target ship to be purchased, of course, the most important thing is the commercial considerations, such as the purpose of the ship, budget, and market conditions. At the technical level, the buyer, based on commercial considerations, determines a suitable ship through requirements such as ship age, shipyard, main engine model, deadweight, and draft. But in addition, there are also many issues that need to be considered in advance at the legal level.
The buying and selling of second-hand ships is already a very mature industry. Not only are there professional brokers for buying and selling second-hand ships, but many international shipping organizations and agencies have also issued standard format contracts for the buying and selling of second-hand ships. However, the provisions on the rights and obligations of the buyer and the seller in different format contracts are still slightly different. Therefore, after determining the preliminary intention to ship, the format contract to be adopted should also be considered. The common contract samples in the market are as follows:
NSF1993: Norwegian Sale Form 1993, the classic and most commonly used version. Due to the large amount of use, many cases have made judgments on matters that are prone to disputes.
SALEFORM2012: BIMCO and the Norwegian Shipbrokers Association jointly formulated on the basis of NSF1993 and improved some of the defects of NSF1993, reflecting the latest changes and developments in practice and related laws.
NIPPON93/99: The version formulated by the Japan Ship Exchange. Shipowners in Japan and some countries in Southeast Asia tend to use this version.
In addition, it is also necessary to consider the issue of ship registration after buying a ship, and conduct research on the national policies, laws and regulations of the flag country to be added. On the other hand, since the registered owners of ships are generally single-ship companies, preliminary due diligence is also required on the actual controller behind the original registered owners of the ship to prevent the seller from becoming a shell company after the ship is delivered. The seller violated the guarantee clause in the contract, and the buyer was unable to take further remedies.
2. The signing of the purchase contract
Once the target ship is determined, the buyer and seller can negotiate and sign a sales contract. It is legally feasible to directly adopt the above-mentioned format contract, but in practice, both parties will revise the main clauses according to actual needs and reflect these modifications in the form of a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA). Usually the focus of both parties is on the following matters.
1 inspection
The buyer's biggest concern is often not the price, but the quality of the ship to be purchased. However, a simple ship particular (ship particular) is not enough to understand the true condition of the ship, and even the records of the classification society cannot be accurately grasped. The safest method, of course, is for the buyer to arrange for experienced crews to board the ship for inspection and follow the ship for a period of time to «understand» the ship's operational history and potential problems. There are also agreements on this in several common format contracts. However, the extent to which the inspection can be carried out on board the ship and how long the time can be with the ship are all subject to specific negotiation between the two parties.
In addition, whether it is boarding or onboard inspection, there are still some important parts that cannot be viewed, such as the internal condition of the main engine equipment and the bottom of the ship. Therefore, the buyer and seller can further agree that the ship enters the dry dock for inspection. If the seller is unable to arrange docking due to considerations such as shipping schedule and cost, the buyer can also arrange diver inspection instead. In short, as far as the buyer is concerned, it should be as detailed as possible in the contract to ensure that he has sufficient knowledge of the target ship.
2 Payment terms
As far as the seller is concerned, the most concerned issue is probably the ship price and payment. Therefore, before the buyer can inspect the ship, the seller usually requires the buyer to pay a deposit. The amount is determined by both parties, but it is generally about 10% of the ship price. For example, in SALEFORM2012, the default is 10% of the ship price. This deposit is usually not paid directly to the seller's account. Instead, both parties establish an escrow account, or pay to either party's lawyer's account, and then return it to the buyer or the seller according to the instructions of both parties.
In theory, the time limit for payment of the remaining ship price is generally to be paid when the seller officially delivers the ship. However, it is usually agreed to pay within a few days after the seller first issues the notice of readiness. For example, SALEFORM2012 agrees to pay within 3 bank working days.
3 Spare parts/fuel
Generally speaking, all items on board, except those leased from a third party, are included in the scope of sale, even including spare parts stored on shore but belonging to the target ship. For the fuel oil on board, the calculation can be made at the actual price provided by the seller when the fuel was purchased.
4 Delivery and document delivery
This is also the top priority of both sides. After clearly agreeing on the place and time of delivery, what remains is mainly the obligation that the seller needs to perform carefully. For example, it is necessary to forecast the ship's dynamics, to ensure that the ship arrives at the delivery location and is substantively prepared in any matter, and then sends a ship delivery ready notice to the buyer. If the ship cannot be prepared before the agreed laycan, the buyer has the right to cancel the transaction. The agreement in SALEFORM2012 is similar to that in the voyage charter contract GENCON94.
For the delivery of documents by both parties, it is mainly to agree on the delivery location and the documents to be delivered. We will explain this in the next section.
5 Debt burden before ship sale
For ships sailing around the world, it is common to encounter disputes over charter agreements or cargo damages, and even rescues and collisions. The seller does not have an implied obligation to actively disclose these disputes to the buyer. Even in many cases, the seller himself is not aware of the existence of these potential disputes or debts before the ship is arrested. In this regard, although Article 8 of SALEFORM2012 has been targeted, that is, it requires the seller to ensure that the ship does not have any burdens, mortgages, maritime liens or other debts, otherwise the buyer should be compensated, but the buyer should still take other measures to reduce such risks as possible. For example, go to Singapore, Hong Kong and other places where ship arrests often occur to check whether there is a ticket against the ship, ask the group behind the seller to issue a guarantee, and even ask the seller to transfer its interests under the original P&I club.
6 Dispute Resolution Clause
NIPPON93/99 agreed to arbitrate in Tokyo, while NSF93 and SALEFORM2012 agreed to London arbitration and the application of English law. The adoption of English law as the applicable law is needless to say. At present, in the shipping market, English law is still dominant, and there have been precedents against many common clauses and disputes in the sale of second-hand ships. It can be said that English law is the best choice. Regarding the place of arbitration, London is certainly the most traditional place of arbitration, but for Asian parties, Hong Kong and Singapore are also worth considering.
3. Handover preparations after signing the contract
1 Register a new single-ship company and prepare for flag state registration
When the buyer first contacts the seller and signs the contract, he may use his own company or group name, but in the end the ship is often registered with a single-ship company. Therefore, the buyer needs to register the company in the selected country of registration in advance. At the same time, in the buyer's column in the contract, it is usually agreed that «the buyer or its nominee». After the single shipping company is successfully registered, the single shipping company will be designated as the official buyer.
If the purchased ship is planned to fly the flag of convenience, the registration procedures will be relatively simple. For example, many flag-of-convenience countries now have offices in Singapore, Hong Kong and even China, and they have no previous qualifications for the ship itself and the company. High demands. If it is a common sovereign country, it needs to be registered according to the specific requirements of the country's laws and regulations, but the basic procedures are similar. However, it should be noted that the registration of ships in some countries also needs to comply with the country's regulatory policies. For example, when importing foreign ships into the country, the customs, the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Transport need to go through relevant procedures and obtain corresponding permits.
2 Arrange for ship purchase funds
If the buyer uses its own funds to purchase in full, this issue is basically not involved. But in today's era when the financial industry is so developed, it is not difficult to find banks or other financial institutions, such as financial leasing companies, and even some venture capitalists are willing to invest. Of course, due to risk control considerations, especially after the 2008 shipping crisis and a large number of shipowners' bankruptcies, the proportion of funds obtained from financial institutions to the total ship price will not be too high.
3 Prepare delivery documents
The buyer should also prepare the delivery documents at this stage, including minutes of directors' meeting approved by the board of directors or shareholders meeting and signed by the appointed agent; power of attorney; certificate of director/staff list 锛汣ertificate of good standing; and other procedures and documents issued in accordance with the company's articles of association.
4 Prepare for ship operation
When the ship is delivered, all crew members employed by the seller will usually disembark. Therefore, the buyer also needs to dispatch all the crew including the new captain in advance and arrange for them to arrive at the delivery port before delivery. In addition, all aspects of ship insurance, including hull, P&I, oil pollution, etc., need to be prepared in advance or negotiated with the seller. Regardless of whether it is operated by itself or long-term leased to a third-party company after the purchase, the buyer can start arranging a new lease after setting the approximate delivery time.
4. Delivery and document delivery
After the seller prepares the ship, he will submit a notice of ready delivery. When the buyer is notified, he has to arrange payment. After it is completed, the procedures for delivery and document delivery.
Upon delivery, the seller's crew shall deliver all important certificates and documents on board to the buyer's crew on board, including but not limited to the ship's registration certificate, international tonnage certificate, international load line certificate, minimum safe manning certificate, captain/senior crew and Ordinary crew certificate, international oil pollution prevention certificate, oil register, garbage record book, shipboard oil pollution emergency plan, international air pollution prevention certificate, deratization certificate, stability information, cargo structure safety certificate, cargo equipment safety certificate, cargo radio safety Certificate, cargo ship safety certificate, dangerous goods list or stowage plan, grain transportation permit, oil pollution damage civil liability insurance or other economic guarantee certificate, cargo record book, international certificate of fitness for the transportation of dangerous chemicals in bulk, international bulk transportation of liquefied gas Installation certificate, passenger ship safety certificate, special business passenger ship safety certificate, etc. However, the seller has the right to take away the previous logbook. After the handover is completed, the captains of both parties sign a protocol of delivery and acceptance, which means that the delivery is complete.
In terms of document delivery, the buyer should obtain from the seller the flag state consent to sell certificate (permission to sell); bill of sale; the original ship registration cancellation certificate (deletion certificate is generally provided only after delivery); classification confirmation (Confirmation of class certificate); a certificate of no burden of registration issued by the flag state, and the shareholder meeting/board resolution and power of attorney issued by the seller's company on the sale of the ship. Among them, the transfer of the bill of sale can be regarded as the completion of the legal transfer of the ownership of the ship (only under English law). After receiving the ship, the buyer should promptly contact the pre-arranged insurer, classification society, flag state and other institutions to ensure that the ship is in a legally operational state.www.vessels4sales.com

About Us
We specialized in producing toys, gifts, DIY products, stationery, handicraft articles( which are made of EVA, plastic, rubber, metal ,paper ), party supplies, seasonal products, etc; and delivering high-quality products under good management.
offering competitive price
Perfect management and well developed QC team to ensure quality
On- time shipment锛宯ice after-sales service
Contact Us
Management and technical staff
Factory area square meters
Qualifications and certificates
Exported to continents
Our Factory
With hundreds of workers, 2500-sqm factory.And with 16 admin officers and technicians. With Printing Machine, Creasing Machine, Cutting Machine, Blister Machine.
Our Product
Product Application
For kids and adults DIY, home deco, school & office, Party
Our Certificate
Audit: Walmart; Disney; BSCI; Sedex; FSC; WCA, Michaels; SQP; HEMA; Dollar Tree; Dollar General; ISO90001 etc.
Production Equipment
With Printing Machine, Creasing Machine, Cutting Machine, Moulding Machine, Auto Assembling Machine, Shrinkage Machine, Blister Machine.
Production Market
Europe, North America, South America
Our Service
offering competitive price; Perfect management and well developed QC team to ensure quality; On- time shipment; nice after-sales serviceCheap A4 Size Cardboard Sheets

UTV ball mount, ATV UTV ball mount tow shank hitch ball towbar 2" BALL 2" SHANK
Hitch ball rated 2000lbs
Recovery point rated 5000lbs
Include: Hitch, Hitch Pin, and Bridge Pin
UTV ball mount The Black Boar Multi-Hitch is an incredibly useful addition to your ATV or UTV. The Multi-Hitch connects to the hitch receiver with a hitch pin and bridge pin, and creates a convenient hitch ball, winch strap loop and pin hole for yard equipment, utility trailers and other towable accessories. This Multi-Hitch features a 2-inch ball, 2" shank, pin hole, 5/8" hitch pin and a bridge pin. The shank is 6" long. The hitch ball has a 2-inch rise to give sufficient ground clearance in most applications and is rated for up to 2,000 lbs. The Winch Strap Loop is rated for up to 5,000 lbs. Constructed of durable, powder-coated steel.
Brand Name: changxin UTV ball mount
Item No: 55002
Place of Origin: China
Material: steel
Product Name: ball mount tow shank hitch ball towbar 2«x2»
ball size: 2 inch, 50.8mm
shank: 2"
Barre: 50.8mm
rated capacity: 2000LB /5000LBS
Function: ball hitch, pin hitch, winch recovery point
Color: black
Packing: box /pc
Certification: CE
Weight: 4 kg
Factory Pictures:Ball Mount manufacturer

Product Information
3-methoxy-4-hydroxycinnamic Acid CAS: 1135-24-6 is a class of aromatic acid or phenylpropanoids having a C6鈥揅3 skeleton. This organic compound is a hydroxy derivative of cinnamic acid. With the molecular formula of C10H10O4 and molecular weight of 194.18400, 3-methoxy-4-hydroxycinnamic Acid can be used as a synthetic pharmaceutical intermediate. Please keep an eye on the moisture-proof seal and keep it out of direct sunlight.
CAS Number: 1135-24-6
Molecular formula: C10H10O4
Molecular weight: 194.18400
English name: 3-methoxy-4-hydroxycinnamic Acid
Uses: used as a synthetic pharmaceutical intermediate,
Product preservation: pay attention to moisture-proof seal and store away from light,
Specifications: Purity 99%
About Us
Shanxi Yongjin Group is a well-known enterprise in Shanxi Province.
Focus on the interests of customers and provide high-quality products.
The company has professional after-sales and technical personnel guidance, please rest assured to buy.
A quality inspection report will be attached when shipping.China Pharmaceutical Intermediate Series factory

Servo interior trim large table top press is mainly used in the press-fitting and molding process of the automotive interior trim industry, such as ceiling, carpet, seat, side wall, luggage box, etc.

Product Description
1.A new generation of large table top press, welding of H-shaped structural steel plate with eight-sided guide frame. Applicable process, hot press forming of automotive interior parts.
2.Applicable to car roof, trunk, seat back-to-back, coat rack, wheel guard, sun visor, hood insulation pad and other parts.
3.Servo motor cooperates with high-precision oil pump to control pressure, speed and exhaust in sections.
4.PLC programming, touch screen display and control.
5.Precision control of displacement, speed and pressure sensor can be adjusted arbitrarily on the industrial touch screen.
6.Provide remote network services, and the machine will automatically alarm to indicate failure and maintenance.

Product Advantages
1.High efficiency and energy saving: reduce energy consumption, which can save 50~80% of energy consumption
2.Flexible suppression: stable operation without vibration
3.Digital control: set each parameter value digitally
4.Temperature control: working intermittently without cooling
5.Noise control: noise control at about 75 decibels during operation

Our Service and Advantages
1.We have many experience on OEM work.
2.We can customize special hardware as customer demand.
3.Technical service for assembling.
4.Variety types for selection, prompt deliver.
5.Well-equipped with extensive sales network.
6.Advanced Production equipment and production technique.

1.Q: How does your factory conduct quality control?
A: Quality is the top priority. From the beginning to the end of production, people have always attached great importance to quality control. Before packaging and shipping, each product will be carefully tested.
2.Q: What is your price level?
A: Factory direct sales
3.Q: Do you have stock?
A: Small tonnage machines will be in stock, but general products should be produced according to your order, including samples.H Frame Hydraulic Press

Our Factory
Jfry has the area of 25000 m2, staffing 80 personnel. We mainly produce massage linens like massage table sheet sets, massage table face cradle covers, massage table fleece pads, massage table blankets, bolster covers, bottle holsters, etc.
Our History
Nantong Jfry Textile Co., Ltd. is located in Nantong, Jiangsu, China and we are the specialized massage table linens exporter & producer. We have focused on exporting top quality massage table linens at competitive price in our customers鈥?market. We are dedicated to doing research in the market and developing new designs for our customers. After years of effort, our products and services are favoured by many famous brands. Today, customers are able to get wide range of massage table linens from us from massage table sheets to massage accessories. Here is our developing process.
In 2005, we have established our trading company
In 2020, we have designed and established our own factory — Nantong Jfry Textile Co., Ltd.
2005 Years
24 Hours Online聽
Service time

Our Product
Jfry mainly produces massage table linens and home textiles, etc. Jfry products include the following items:
Massage table sheets: cotton flannel sheets, polycotton sheets, microfiber sheets, waterproof sheet cover, etc.
Massage face cradle covers: flannel face cradle covers, polycotton face cradle covers, microfiber face cradle covers, waterproof face rest covers, etc.
Massage fleece pad set: fitted fleece pad, fleece face cradle cover, etc.
Massage blankets: microfiber fleece blanket, polar fleece blanket, quilted blanket, waffle blanket, etc.
Massage bottle holsters: single bottle holsters, double bottle holsters, etc.
Product Application
We have designed a diverse line of products to meet the needs of multiple industries including salons, spas, massage, home, health care, etc.
Production Equipment
Cutting Workshop
Sewing Workshop
Production Market
Our business has been expanded to many countries and regions in the world. Now we have distributors in Europe, America, South Asia, Middle East, etc. Our sales volume in America is about 3 000 000 dollars. Over 95% of Jfry sales performance comes from overseas sales. Our main sales market:
North America 40.00%
South America 30.00%
Europe 10.00%
South East 10.00%
Middle East 10.00%
Our Service
Pre-sale Service:聽
1.聽Providing professional support.聽
2.聽Send the product catalog and hot-selling products.聽
3.聽If you have any question please contact us online or send us email, we promise we will give you a reply at the first time.
4.聽Personal call or visit are warmly welcome.聽
In-sale Services:聽
1. We promise our honesty and fairness, it's our pleasure to serve you as your purchasing consultant.聽
2.聽We guarantee punctuality, quality and quantities strictly implement the terms of contract.
After-sale Service:聽
1. 聽24-hour telephone service.聽
2. Solve you any problem about the products.
3. Send you the latest design to attract your customers.
Our Certificate
We have passed ISO: 9001, BSCI, FDA certificates.Waterproof Massage Table Protector manufacturers

Phosphor Bronze Bush Made in China Changzhou pufa machinery co., LTD, established in 1986, is a professional copper alloy manufacturer which specializes in casting, extrusion and finish machining. After more than 30 years of development, our company is now covering an area of more than 20, 000 square meters and have 120 employees. Our main products contain pipe/ bar/ plate of Tin bronze alloy material, Aluminum bronze alloy material, phosphorus bronze alloy material and also finished machining products as bronze bushing, bronze flange, worm gear and impeller. In order to control the material composition, hardness and various mechanical properties strictly, we have imported spectrometer from Germany, we also have electronic universal testing machine and Brinell hardness tester. Our equipment contain: medium/ large/ super- huge continuous casting machine, centrifugal casting machine and other casting equipment; CNC machines, milling machines, planer machines, drilling machines. We can produce the alloy material according to various standards, like GB/ ASTM/JIS/BS. Our products are mainly used in wear- resistant and corrosion resistant parts, marine engineering, automobile parts, mechanical parts. Not only selling well in all cities and provinces in China, our products are also exported to southeast Asia, the middle east and Europe. Both OEM and ODM orders are available for us. Welcome customers all over the world to visit us!Phosphor Bronze Bush Made in China website:http://www.cn-czpufa.com/

We've started producing mirror display since 2017, we've learned quite good experience on any part quality for mirror display product. We can provide a timely and efficient support on both of hardware and your software integration.
For workout mirror display
— Popular size: 32"/43";
— LCD panel: A+ grade panel. High brightness 500nits~700nits;
— Mirror glass: standard transmittance rate 30%-35% and Reflection rate 70%-65%;
— Touch: PCAP touch (optional);
— OS: Windows or Android (optional);
— Speaker: built-in;
— Optional spec: MIC and camera;
— Frame: aluminum frame (support customization);
— We support OEM and ODM service;
If you are looking for an reliable manufacturer to work on your fitness mirror project, we are just the right one. We have a reliable, efficient, responsible and honesty team who you will be glad to work with.
Why us?
* Our company cultural: QUALITY.
* Reliable sales engineer team timely and efficiently support after-sales service.
* Professional R&D and tech team for customize solution and electronic tech support.
* Flexible remote support via Teamviewer/WhatsApp/Skype etc.
* Reliable QC team on controlling every details quality before shipping.
* Certificate: ISO9001, FCC, CE, CCC, RHoS.
You could learn about our actual factory/workshop/office from our VR viewing link:
Please contact our sales engineer for further business discussion.
Contact: Sophia Zhang
Email: sophiazhang@zyulcd.com
Skype: sophia201205
WhatsApp: 0086 13632653506
One of our workshopsMirror Display

UD-Bio (short for Shenzhen Ultra-Diagnostics Biotec. Co., Ltd.) was founded in 2016. It is a Shenzhen and National high-tech company and is headquartered in Shenzhen. Firmly committed to our aim 鈥淏ecoming a leading total-solution supplier of Thrombus and Hemostasis鈥? we are dedicated in the fields of Rapid test, POCT, Thrombus & Hemostasis, and Bulk reagents.
As of the end of 2019, the total area of manu-facturing and standard laboratories are more than 5000 sqm.
UD-Bio possesses a perfect technology development and quality management system,has more than 90 employees in total and 40% of them are engaged in R&D. More than 30 products have obtained China NMPA certification and EU CE certification.
In domestic market, UD-Bio's thrombus and hemostasis products have been stationed in over 100 Class A tertiary hospitals. In International market, UD-Bio's products have been sold to dozens of countries in Europe, South Asia, Middle East, Africa, Latin America etc.China Calcium Reagent factory

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