Let's compare the breakthrough of the skeleton with electric hip sex doll

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A bone is a structure made up of many bones and cartilage that are held together by joints. It is used in expressions that generally refer to basic structures. Beginners may not know that for friends who are a little interested in electric hip sex doll, ordinary TPE or silicone dolls weigh about 30kg. So, to support such a heavy body, you need strong bones. It is also important to maintain some degree of freedom while supporting a heavy body. Therefore, the skeleton of the doll is a very important part. Next, I will take JY doll as an example to explain the skeleton of the new (EVO) and the skeleton of the old model.


The diameter of the spine of the new skeleton is about 75mm ~ 80mm (*not including the 100cm tall figure)
Old skeleton: spine diameter about 75mm ~ 80mm


where the neck, shoulder bones, and spine meet

The old skeleton was just a cross without any joints, and the chest and shoulders were immobile and stiff. The new model has added seams to the upper, left, and right parts of the cross. In this way, the left and right shoulders can move back and forth, and the neck can also nod.

head attachment

People who buy wholesale sex dolls should know. When the love doll first arrived, the head and body were separated in the box. And it's very inconvenient, because it needs to be turned around like a screw to install the old head. Now, the ends of the spine have been reshaped to create a new binding mechanism. The installation of the new head is very convenient, it can be done by inserting it directly, without turning around the head. You can also use metal fittings to attach the old head to the body of the new skeleton. Hardware sold separately.

knee joint

The knee joint of the elderly is like a meniscus, the bending range of a fulcrum is limited, and the angle between the thigh and the calf cannot be less than 45 degrees. In the case of the new model, the bending width is expanded by connecting the fulcrum like two menisci, and 160cm sex doll it is possible to sit like a duck. In addition, the new fulcrum can be fine-tuned with gears.

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